Smyth Consulting, Inc.

Smyth Consulting, Inc. is an independent systems and management consulting firm, providing the full scope of consulting services. We are well-versed in business process engineering, strategic planning, system development methodologies, design of corporate system architecture, as well as the design, performance assessment and tuning of applications and databases. Every effort we undertake for our clients is designed to improve the ROI of the technology investment. We view technology and systems as extensions of your business practice designed to enhance your capabilities and revenue. Our experience has included projects in both centralized and distributed real-time systems within client/server, web, and mainframe environments. Since 1991, we have been assisting such diverse industries as telecommunications, wireless, gaming, government, healthcare, insurance, banking, and various utilities. Smyth Consulting, Inc. recognizes that even within similar industries, no two problems are exactly alike. We come to you with an open perspective of what may be required. We listen to your issues and concerns with respect to the effort being undertaken; there is no attempt to force fit a solution to your organization.



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